- make your bike a part of your home



The production of our Bike Racks takes place in Poland. Poland is a country with long standing traditions within the field of joinery and carpentry. Much of the wooden furniture around the homes of europe is made in Poland.


Our manufacturer is producing the wooden furniture from scratch. This means that the production begins in the woods of Poland, our manufacturer owns several of woods near the town of Lapy, 150 kilometers east of Warsaw. When we make an order for Bike Racks in Oak, the necessary amount of Oak trees is then cut down. 


As wood dries and changes shape when it gets indoors, the wood must be dried before it can be used to make the Bike Racks. The drying of the wood takes place in huge chambers, specially designed for wood drying. 


After this process the actual production of the Bike Racks begins.



The picture on the left shows the wood logs just as they have arrived from the woods - ready to be dried.